NCL Norwegian Dawn 10 Day British Isles Cruise August 2023

This review will cover our gluten-free dining experience on the Norwegian Dawn whilst cruising round the beautiful British Isles. Having sailed on the sister ship to the Dawn (Norwegian Star) less than a year ago, we had high hopes for our gluten-free experience on board. Would it live up to our previous experience? Read on to find out more (and spoiler alert, it was very different!).

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NCL Norwegian Star Two Week Transatlantic Cruise November 2022

This review will cover our experience of eating gluten-free on NCL Star whilst crossing the Atlantic Ocean from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro. It was our first time on this lovely ship (and first time sailing NCL as gluten-free diners), and our second cruise on NCL. We discovered that NCL deal with gluten free/allergy requirements quite differently to any other cruise line we’ve travelled with so far. Read on to find out more about our experience.

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A Week in Seattle April 2022

Prior to our Celebrity Cruise round Alaska we spent a week in Seattle, doing the usual touristy things and sampling lots of gluten-free food!

I did find a lot of useful information from various blogs out there, although they were mainly written before the pandemic. As such, there were quite a few places that have now sadly closed down. For anyone that uses blog information, including this one, to make a list of places to visit, I’d always advise you to give the restaurant/eatery a google, and make sure they’re still open. Nothing more disappointing than turning up to somewhere you think sounds really good, only to find it isn’t open, or even worse, has completely closed down!

Obviously we couldn’t eat everywhere, so this blog will just cover the places we did manage to eat at.

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Celebrity Solstice One Week Alaskan Cruise May 2022

A bucket list cruise for both of us, this review will cover our experience of eating gluten free aboard the Celebrity Solstice ship. With a landscape as incredible as Alaska is I might slip in a fair few non-food pictures too (sorry/not sorry!). This was our second time on a Celebrity ship, but our first since having to eat gluten-free. Read on to find out how we got on!

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Mamma Mia! The Party. Dinner and Show Experience at the O2 July 2022

Not my usual kind of review, but we had such a great time I thought I’d do a post about it on my blog. My lovely husband booked this for me for my birthday (after a not so subtle hint!), and it was every bit as brilliant as I’d imagined. Plus, if you have to be gluten-free for whatever reason, the menu is surprisingly good.

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Virgin Valiant Lady Mermaiden Voyage 18/03/22

This review covers a three night sailing on Valiant Lady from Portsmouth on it’s maiden voyage. Virgin Voyages are a very new addition to the cruise scene, and we were keen to give them a try to see how good they are at dealing with gluten free. I’ve seen numerous blogs describing Virgin Voyages as “heaven” for foodies, but does that apply if you are gluten free? Well, here I am to let you know!

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